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Did You Know?

Did You Know

Hankies were used in medieval times to let a man know a woman was single and was interested in him. If she covered her mouth (and wasn't coughing) that was the flirting signal for him. If she waved it around smiling, that meant she had many suitors. But if she dropped her hankie as she looked at one guy, he was to rush to pick it up. She was interested in dating or was at that time. A chaperon had to be present on all outings.

Bride and Groom Playing Instruments

Guest Books

Did you know you can have two (2) guest books? One at the ceremony and one at the reception.
This is becoming more popular, especially when everyone cannot be invited to the reception or family and friends are unable to attend.

Preparing for the First Dance

Have you taken any dance lessons yet? What are you waiting on? Time is running out.

Break Tradition

Do a variation on the traditional first dance. Create a group or line dance routine for your wedding party to present you.

To wow your friends and family, we suggest you and the groom learn a simple, but unique, dance step. Better yet, make it a family affair and have your parents learn too. That means maybe taking dancing lessons and doing some practicing, but in the end, it will be worth it. Surely everyone will remember your reception.

For creative ideas go to You Tube. There are some outstanding routines for every person/group in the wedding party.


Throughout history Candles have played an important role in weddings; either it is lighting the ‘Unity Candles’ by the Bride and Groom or both mother’s lighting candles to show the unity in the union. You can have two to three candelabras station in various parts of the room.
In whatever way you decide to use candles -their beauty will add elegance to your ceremony & to the reception site.

These candles are normally in place before the ceremony begins. The bride & groom will be instructed by their officiant when & how to light each candle. Depending on your service (customs) a prayer may be recited during the lighting.

This set includes: One Candle holder for 3 candles, two tapers and one pillar. The candles used for this does not have to be as elaborate as the ones used for the bride & groom. This is a ceremony that tells everyone that the two mothers are in favor of this marriage and they wish the bride and groom happiness and long life.  These candles are in place before the ceremony begins, usually on the same side where the bride’s maids will stand.  The mother’s unity candle is lighted after both Mothers have been escorted in. One of the Groomsmen will need a book of matches or a lighter to help each mother light a side candle. Once both side candles are lighted, the mothers together light the middle.

Why Does The Bride Carry Flowers

Flowers have long stood for a variety of emotions and values. Early Roman brides carried bunches of herbs under their veils to symbolize fidelity. The Greeks used ivy as a sign of indissoluble. Our modern orange blossoms were chosen by the Saracens.

How Did The Single Wedding Cake Evolve?

Cake has been a part of the wedding celebrations since Roman times when a thin loaf was broken over the bride’s head at the close of the ceremony.  The main ingredient wheat that was used to make these cakes symbolized fertility.  The crumbs were eagerly gathered up by the guests and kept as good luck charms.  During the middle Ages, it was traditional for the bride and groom to kiss over a pile of small cakes. Then an enterprising baker decided to mass all these little cakes together and cover them with frosting.  The modern, tiered wedding was born.

Flower Girl

Carries basket of flower petals to sprinkle as she walks down the aisle.

Ceremony Pillows

The ‘ceremony, kneeling pillow’ has different customs and traditions attached to it. A couple might be required to kneel at various times during the ceremony. Check with your officiant so you can rehearse the proper way. A Jr. Bridesmaid or a Jr. Usher can carry each pillow down the aisle and place them at the appropriate place as instructed during rehearsal.
The pillows can also be placed prior to the ceremony.  When the bride & groom are ask to kneel.  The pillows are then placed in front of them.  The secret is to rehearse to find the easiest way to handle the pillows.

Honeymoon Pillows

Imagine your sweetheart serving you breakfast or dinner on elegant pillows designed to be a server. Brides have returned from their honeymoon thanking us for suggesting these unique pillows. Check it out.


• Help organize Bridal Shower
• Contribute to purchase of Bride’s gift
• Attend rehearsal & dinner
• May stand in the receiving line
• Mingle at reception & dance with guests
• Have fun.