Articles of Interest

Articles of Interest

Most little girls dream of the kind of wedding they want to have when they grow up. Then you grow up and get engaged. Now here comes the hard part: making your dreams become a reality.

Before your first dance, your maid of honor or mom should give you a special purse. It is called a money bag/purse; (you carry this throughout the reception).

During your first dance and afterwards, family and friends discreetly put money in this special purse, as they are telling you how gorgeous you look and wishing you both the very best.

Other Customs Are:

After you have your first dance with your new husband and father, family and friends can cut in and pin money on your dress.

There are many more wedding customs. Check with your parents or, even better, check with grandma about your family traditions & customs.

We're to the Rescue

Our online catalogue offers exquisite and unique products. Most can be color-coordinated to match your theme. We can customize your veils and much more.

For our local customers in the San Francisco Bay area, from Campbell to Sacramento and many surrounding cities, we will provide hands-on assistance. CV SHAE has wedding packages to fit all situations. Tell us your needs and we'll customize a package for you.

Bridesmaids with Bouquets

Sample Packages:

From Nine to 12 Months Prior: Help with Vendor Selections & Contract Review, Look at Budget

At Six Months Prior: Assist with Development of Decorating Ideas for Church & Reception, Look at Budget & See What Is Left to Do, Then Make Appropriate Changes

Three Months Prior to Wedding: Confirm With Vendors That Everyone Is on the Same Page with Your Plans & Expectations, Review New Contracts & Contact Vendors for Clarification If Necessary, Drop or Add Vendors

One to Two Months Prior to Wedding: Meet with Family & Friends That Are Assisting You, Review Everyone's Role.

Three Weeks Prior to Wedding: Contact Vendors, Family, Friends, & Confirm Again That Everyone Is Still on the Same Page with You

Week of the Wedding: Assist With Dress Rehearsal Plans, Double Check Decorating Plans & Seating Arrangements for Ceremony & Reception

Day of Wedding: Ensure You Have the Best Possible Wedding Ever


Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Before you sign on the dotted line, have someone with experience with you if possible. Or ask for a copy so you can review it. Look out! You might not know these wedding expenses exist.


Certain premium brands of liquor, Such as Grey Goose or Johnny Walker Blue Label, even in a top shelf open bar:

  • $30-$50 per bottle, plus cost of bottle.
  • Champagne toast: $3-$5 per person, depending the selection
  • Corkage fee: $10-$15 per bottle.
  • Particular soda brands (versus the generic sodas that are often part of the standard package price): $0.50-$1 per can
  • Pouring fee if you bring your own liquor: $30-$50 per bottle


  • Cutting: $1-$5 per slice
  • Wrapping: (for cake slices as favors -even if you supply the boxes): $1-$2 per slice


  • Church bell ringing: $250-$500
  • Church clean up: $200 plus

Popular days for receptions Cost MORE??

What are the most popular days for receptions?
Saturday’s and it you are planing a holiday wedding, look out?
The costs will sky rocketed.

If it is not necessary to have a Saturday event ask about other days in the week and you will be pleasantly surprised with the difference in price.



  • From $250 (some shops include 1-2 tailoring sessions, but others do not include even minimal alterations)


Welcome-basket or gift-bag delivery:

  • $3-$5 per room (This is typically handled by some of the hotels’s staff members)
  • Placing favors on tables at venue: $50 (This is generally done by the reception-site manager)